What Is Egg Yellow Powder Used For?

Issuing time:2022-08-08 10:16

Egg yolk powder---- promotes the growth of children's bones.

Is egg yolk powder that powerful? Can it really promote bone growth in children? Help your child grow taller? What exactly is egg yolk powder?

Egg yolk powder is extracted from the yolk of fresh eggs. It is produced by protease treatment, heating, centrifugation, spray drying, etc. It contains a large amount of lecithin, protein, and part of arachidonic acid, etc. At the same time, for frail people, egg yolk powder is an excellent nutritional supplement and is widely used in cake making, ice cream making, dairy and meat products, etc. It has good gel properties, emulsifying properties, and water retention.

How does egg yolk powder promote bone growth?

Mechanism of egg yolk lecithin to promote bone growth:

1. Egg yolk powder stimulates bone germ cells and promotes the production of bone factors (IGF1, TGFβ1), thereby enhancing the healthy development of bones;

2. The secretion of egg yolk extract helps to maintain the balance of bones in the body by inhibiting the cell division factors of osteoclasts, enhancing their secretion rate;

3. Egg yolk supplements can enhance the absorption of calcium content in the body, inhibit and prevent the rapid loss of calcium, and promote calcium content in bones, thereby promoting the development and growth of children.

Lecithin is the main ingredient in pet food. What magical effect does it have on the growth of animals?

Many people keep pets in modern times. You can notice that there is an ingredient in pet food - egg yolk powder. So what are the benefits of egg yolk powder for pets?

Egg yolk powder is a food additive and the best substitute for fresh eggs. It removes the fishy smell of fresh eggs, retains the flavor of milk, and is rich in fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. Its main effect on pets is There are three points:

1. Pure natural egg yolk powder is good for enhancing pet brain

The lecithin in egg yellow powder will release a large amount of choline after the pet takes it, which will reach the animal's brain through the blood, promote the animal's brain development, enhance the animal's brain memory, and improve intellectual health;

2. Egg yolk extract is beneficial to enhance animal immunity

The lecithin of egg yolk extract has strong antioxidant properties, which can promote the regeneration of liver cells, strengthen the metabolism of animal cells, enhance the disease resistance of animals, enhance immunity, and help promote the healthy development of animals;

3. Lecithin is good for improving animal hair

Egg yolk extract supplements can treat skin diseases and hair problems in animals, help promote animal growth and development, moisturize animal hair, improve hair dryness, and more.

Can cats eat lecithin for hair styling?

Can cat lecithin be used for grooming? If you find that your cat's hair is dull and shedding heavily, then your cat may be malnourished and lack lecithin. Lecithin is the best dietary supplement for cat hair care, and egg yolk powder contains a large amount of lecithin, which can combine with the protein in cats and exist in the form of fat protein lipoprotein, which can improve animal hair well. Preventing and treating dry cat hair, while improving hair, it can also reduce cholesterol and fat content, scavenge animal free radicals, inhibit lipid peroxidation of animal cells, and delay animal aging.

Where can I buy dried egg yolk powder?

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