Hesperidin Powder
Spec: 95%
Color: Yellow to brown gray powder
used part: fruit

What is hesperidin powder ?

Hesperidin powder is extracted from the dried fruit of Citrus aurantium, which is a flavonoid substance with a flavonoid oxyglycoside structure, weakly acidic, yellow to brownish gray powder in color, easily soluble in pyridine and sodium hydroxide solution, soluble in In dimethylformamide, slightly soluble in methanol and hot glacial acetic acid, very slightly soluble in ether, acetone, chloroform and benzene, etc., is the main component of vitamin P.

Hesperidin has many pharmacological effects, such as anti-oxidation, anti-mildew, anti-allergic, lowering blood pressure, maintaining vascular permeability, enhancing capillary toughness, lowering cholesterol, etc. Broad-spectrum antibacterial properties, widely used in pharmaceuticals, food additives and food processing.


Properties of hesperidin:

Molecular formula: C28H34O15

Molecular weight: 610.55

CAS No.: 520-26-3

Product specification: 90% 92% 95% 98%

Detection method: HPLC

Product properties: Gray-brown powder

Scope of application: prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, regulation of blood sugar and blood lipids, regulation of immunity, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, antiviral, beauty and skin care

Production process: raw material→extraction→concentration→crystallization→crude product→recrystallization→drying→finished product

What does hesperidin do?

(1) Hesperidin powder can enhance the toughness of capillaries, shorten bleeding time, lower cholesterol, etc., and is the main drug for treating hypertension and myocardial infarction;

(2) Citrus aurantium hesperidin extract, can resist lipid oxidation, scavenge oxygen free radicals, anti-inflammation, anti-virus, and antibacterial effects. Long-term use can delay aging.

Hesperidin Benefits.jpg

What is hesperidin used for?

1. Hesperidin powder has the characteristics of vitamin P. It is clinically used to treat cardiovascular system diseases and prevent arteriosclerosis and myocardial infarction. It is one of the main raw materials of the patent medicine "Maitong", and it is also an antiviral drug;

2. Hesperidin extract is a natural antioxidant in the food industry, used to make beverages, health products, etc.;

3. Hesperidin is used in the cosmetics industry, which can inhibit skin bacteria and delay skin aging.

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